1. EBay Inc. claims it generated close to $2 billion in global mobile sales in 2010—more than three times the mobile gross merchandise value in 2009 and considerably more than its projected total of $1.5 billion
  2. doctors in Tanzania using M-Pesa’s banking service to send bus fare …

    Doctors at the Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania clinic (CCBRT) say the average cost of a return bus ticket for a woman traveling from a rural area for treatment is $60, a huge amount in a country where the majority of people live on $2 a day.

    "We use the mobile phone to actually transfer those transport grants to the communities, so that those women can reach our facility…

  3. mobile commerce predictions


    1. Transformed in-store experience. … ranging from using the iPad as a display unit to more strategic uses, such as allowing customers to do competitive price comparing and self-checkout. 

    2. Mobile payments…. Visa and MasterCard have their own applications, and Paypal has made mobile payments a core part of its strategy… Retailers such as Target and Starbucks support mobile gift card payments, allowing consumers to scan gift cards at point of purchase. 

    3. Mobile couponing. … Shoppers already understand the concept of couponing, and retailers such as Best Buy and Target use couponing in their mobile shopping experiences.  What makes mobile couponing so intriguing is the rise of location based-driven offers.  Retailers are partnering with services such as shopkick, which has seen early success with The Sports Authority, and Checkpoints.

    4. Facebook + Mobile. Mobile is the logical place for social shopping to occur since shoppers who are in-store like to leverage their social network for making purchases and sharing experiences. 

    5. Mobile Web applications. … Mobile Web applications, or hybrid applications, will become more widespread.   Innovative retailers will start to embrace mobile web applications in 2011, simplifying their mobile strategy while laying the foundation for a richer mobile experience of the future.

    Via MobileCommerce Daily - see http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com/five-mobile-commerce-predictions-for-2011/ for details

  4. in October 2010 over 500,000 visit the Tesco Direct website using their mobile
  5. A survey commissioned by UK supermarket Tesco has found that one in ten Brits will complete their Christmas shopping using their mobile phones this year… Tesco’s study found that nearly half of (the 4000 people) polled would shop online using their phones whilst watching TV, one in six would look to buy something on their bus journey and around a quarter will search online using their mobiles whilst journeying to or from work.
  6. Girlswalker is a teen youth girls fashion magazine, on mobile phones. Its premise - they follow and report on what the coolest Tokyo teen girls are doing and wearing… … this mobile magazine took off with a bang. They became so popular, that now they run twice yearly fashion shows in huge venues… they sell fashion items in real time, as the girl walks on the catwalk, you just point your cameraphone at the model, and take a picture, and then buy the fashion item on the spot, in your size and to your colors etc.. … Alan told Oxford University that the redemption rates of the advertisements on Girlswalker, are averaging…. (drumroll)…. 45% !!!!
  7. In May, Dorsey told us that of the roughly 30 million US merchants who make less than $100,000 per year, of this group only 6 million are currently processing credit cards. The remainder, or 24 million businesses, are all potential Square customers who are looking for a low-cost and simple way to process credit cards.
  9. 15 percent of US adults aged 18+ have used their mobile devices to make purchases
  10. UK bookmaker Paddy Power has revealed that 10 per cent of all its bets are now placed via mobile… the iPhone alone accounts for 50 per cent of all its mobile betting activity.
  11. So far in 2010, the most expensive item sold via eBay’s mobile app was a 1985 Piper PA-46-310P Malibu airplane for $265,000
  12. Amazon Customers Now Order $1 Billion of Products Per Year via Mobile
  13. a recent ABI Research study predicted (US) shoppers will order $2.2 billion in physical goods via mobile devices, a $1 billion increase from 2009
  14. In 2015, shoppers around the world are expected to spend about $119 billion on goods and services purchased via mobile phones. That number represents about 8% of the total e-commerce market. “Mobile online shopping is reaching critical mass,” says senior analyst Mark Beccue. “In the United States, mobile online shopping rose from $396 million in 2008 to $1.2 billion in 2009. While definitions of ‘mass market adoption’ vary, a more than threefold increase in one year indicates significant consumer interest.” Noteworthy is that even that $1+ billion turnover in the US is dwarfed by the size of the mobile online shopping market in Japan, which exceeded $10 billion in 2009 alone.
  15. The basic idea of M-PESA is that the 100,000 small retailers in Kenya who already sell mobile-phone airtime, in the form of scratch cards, can also register to be mobile-money agents, taking in and paying out cash. More than 17,600 retailers have signed up as M-PESA agents—far outnumbering Kenya’s 840 bank branches.